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Whether you’re new to golf or a veteran of the game, we’ll help you accelerate your learning and feel more confident on the golf course. Our instruction articles and videos offer simplified golf tips and practical advice for your game, all crafted by women who are experts in guiding novice and experienced golfers.


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Have you ever thought, “ Someday when I have a little time, I will learn more about golf to see if I like it”? That someday is here and I make your decision to begin, easy and painless!

You don’t need clubs, they are provided if you need them. You don’t need to know anything about golf, in fact, not knowing is a good thing! It only takes 2 hours and three sessions to let you see if you like what we do at Chevy Chase Country Club. You just need to be interested in seeing if it’s for you!

If having fun learning something new, with no pressure, in a beautiful outdoor setting, appeals to you let me help you get going!

Golf 101 is for beginning & intermediate golfers looking to get more involved with the game if they choose. You have my word that these sessions are not your typical golf instruction....let’s have fun and enjoy journey.

LPGA Professional 

Program Features

Lesson 1: Putting

                               Let’s Get the Ball Rolling

Lesson 2: Chipping

                               Getting the Ball on the Green

Lesson 3: Pitching

                               Getting the Ball in the Air

Lesson 4: Full Swing

                                It’s all About Connection

Lesson 5: Big Clubs and Bunker Play

                                Empowering Your Game

Lesson 6: Putting it all Together

                               Getting Comfortable On-Course  

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