Welcome to the world of golf with LPGA Pro Betty Anderson!

Learn to Golf with Tailored Golf Training

Betty Anderson Golf is proud to offer customized golf lessons to golfers in Glendale, California, and the surrounding areas. I work with individuals and groups, and specialize in helping all skill levels. Focusing on the visualization of the game helping you learn to play golf at the facilities of Chevy Chase Country Club in Glendale, Califonia.

Hands-On Training

My hands-on, individualized approach helps each golfer learn the game the way they learn best. I tailor each lesson to your needs, desires, and learning style, and strive to build your confidence. You’ll have fun during the lessons, and even more fun on the course by yourself.

The areas I can help you improve:

  • Choosing the correct equipment
  • Golfing fundamentals
  • Putting (No more 3 putts)
  • Developing the best tempo

Everything I do is about helping you succeed at golf. Group instruction is available for groups of three to six players, or individual lessons are available. Once you’re ready and comfortable with your game, I’ll even take you to a real course to further expand and explore the game experience. If you need assistance, I can even help you purchase the right equipment at a discounted price.

Most classes last about an hour. These are short enough that you don’t get tired, but long enough that you learn effectively. Contact me today to learn more about our classes and discover your passion for the game of golf.  

                                                                                       I look forward to seeing you soon!

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Do you need to improve your game? 

We have clinics, groups and indivial lessons to fit every need and budget.

Is it customized clubs you need?

Look no further! I am fully trained to fit your new clubs for you.

Are you just starting out or want to see if you'd be any good at playing golf?

Call me for a free lesson/assessment to determine what I can do for you.

Private or group lessons available for adults and children over the age of 8 years old.

I'm a Qualified LPGA Pro Golf Instructor.

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